Dog and Cat Food Nutrition


Upcycled pet food ingredient certification requirements

Co-products, or by-products, have served as ingredients in pet food for decades. However, consumers don’t always think of these ingredients in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

Upcycling is a new word for something the pet food industry has done for a long time, using human food products that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Criteria for choosing extruded dog, cat food ingredients

Nutrition, processability and other practical concerns, along with sustainability and marketability influence the choices pet food formulators make when developing recipes.

Certain criteria influence why pet food formulators choose specific ingredients for new recipes to be processed in extruders.

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Cats eating

Nutritional studies reveal cat characteristics

Research explores cat diets related to aging, enjoyment of eating and obesity

Cats are unique, complicated creatures. Researchers continuously conduct studies to learn more about felines. Professionals shared the results of some of those studies on September 24, 2021 at Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

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Native SASI Phileo Woman and dog image

Phileo embraces Petcare

Advanced bacteria and yeast solutions to ensure health and well-being in cats and dogs
At Phileo by Lesaffre, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of animal care to better nourish and protect the planet. We believe that yeast and bacteria, with fermentation technologies and biotransformation, represent the future of animal health through nutrition.
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Dachshund recycle bin sustainability

EU program tests dried human food waste in pet food

Pet food and treats can use that otherwise wasted food, or at least some of it. That could reduce the demand from pet food companies for some raw materials or reduce competition between human and pet food streams.
Researchers with Food for Feed established a recommended inclusion level for that dried human food waste, but also identified limits.
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