Ingredient Usage Analysis

Pumpkins source of fiber in dog and cat foods

Pumpkin has been recognized as a good source of soluble fiber and is quoted by internet experts as a good cure for digestive problems for both dogs and cats. Pumpkin is also a popular ingredient in those who formulate their own and raw food for their pets. 
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Cranberries, blueberries top pet food ingredient fruits

The popularity of the fruits as superfoods in human diets may boost their popularity in pet foods.
Blueberries appeared on the ingredient lists of more dog food recipes than any other fruit, according to an analysis of Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center data.
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Salmon meal is in nearly one-quarter of dry dog foods

Salmon meal was the most prevalent form compared to other salmon-based pet food ingredients.
Salmon appears as oil, broth, meat and meal in dog and cat foods, both wet and dry, according to an analysis of the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.
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Salmon common fish in dog and cat foods

Wild-caught or farm-raised, salmon offers a source of digestible protein and omega-3 fatty acids for pet diets. Salmon, the supposed last wild food has become very popular in petfoods.
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