Ingredient Usage Analysis

Chicken rules the roost of dog and cat food proteins

Learn what other meats appear frequently in dog and cat foods in the full analysis on the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.
Chicken appears in more pet foods than any other meat, according to an analysis of the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.
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Lamb remains common in dry dog food

Lamb and lamb meal are ingredients listed for dry dog foods in the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center database.
An analysis of the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center focused on the use of lamb and lamb meal in pet food and the labeling of those products.
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Lamb and lamb's meal use in dry dog food

Lamb and lamb meal became popular in the ‘80s and ’90s with the development of elimination diets to treat food allergies. In the mid ‘90s lamb and rice diets became the fastest growing segment of the market. Today many of the novel protein diets have moved to other protein sources, but lamb and lamb meal are still widely used in dry dog food.
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Millet used as an alternate grain in dog food

With good protein quality and more fat than most grains, millet has the potential to serve as an ‘alternative’ ingredient in pet food. Millet is a small seed commonly associated with wild bird food.
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Soybean hulls and psyllium used as fiber source in pet food

Some ingredients that are a good source of fiber are often viewed by the consumer as filler. Soybean hulls and psyllium fiber both fall into this category and have received bad press, when they are a good source of fiber. The number of pet recipes using these ingredients is small, and they are found primarily in senior or weight control formulas.
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Green tea extract use in dog and cat food

Green tea extract is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. Dried green tea leaves are used to make the popular hot beverage, and the extracts play a central role in herbal medicine. More recently, purified extracts have found favor as a nutraceutical and food antioxidant preservative. So, how many current dog and cat food recipes are using green tea extract?
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