Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)


Lab-grown meat may provide taurine for vegan dog, cat food

Most taurine supplemented into pet food comes from industrial laboratories, knocking it out of the running for clean label.
Taurine from lab-grown meat may allow pet food formulators to make vegan and vegetarian dog and cat foods, while avoiding dilated cardiomyopathy and adhering to the clean label trend.
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Kitten smelling pet food

Pet food feeding trial duration and scope depend on goals

Pet food feeding trials range from days to years in duration and can include detailed tests on various health and metabolism indicators.
The duration and analysis used in a specific test depend on dog and cat food companies’ objectives, as well as the resources they can dedicate.
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Stopping grain-free diet, adding taurine helped dogs’ DCM

Twenty-three out of 24 Golden Retrievers diagnosed with taurine deficiency and dilated cardiomyopathy ate grain-free, legume-rich or similar dog food diets.
The scientists published the results of their research, “Taurine deficiency and dilated cardiomyopathy in golden retrievers fed commercial diets,” in the journal PLOS ONE.
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