Pet Ownership Statistics


Subtle threats to strong spring 2022 pet food growth

While overall pet food industry growth remains strong in 2022, Cascadia Capital analysts noted rising problems with inflation, commodity costs and pet owner’s economic concerns not directly related to the pandemic.

The United States pet food industry continues growing atop the pandemic-fueled surge in pet ownership and premiumization, but some industry analysts warned that the good news may hide weaknesses.

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Millennial pet ownership generation gap grew 2018-2020

Millennials have grown particularly in cat ownership. Millennials also increased significantly in bird ownership.

Many of those pet owners may be new to caring for animals, according to insights she shared from APPA’s surveys and reports. Of those in the survey who didn’t own pets currently, 18% had owned a pet in the past, while 12% were classified as non-pet-owners.

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Pet owners plan to stick with e-commerce post-pandemic

Less than half said they planned to usually continue shopping in-person at brick-and-mortar locations both now and after the pandemic.

Even after a hypothetical end to the pandemic, many pet owners plan to continue purchasing products online and have the pet food, treats and other items shipped to their homes.

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