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Raw pet foods recalled in U.K. for salmonella

The Raw Factory Ltd., a Scottish raw pet food company, issued a recall of various varieties of raw pet food because of potential Salmonella contamination.
In a tweet, the company stated that previous issues were exacerbated by the breakdown of a freezer, resulting in the recall of a wide range of raw pet foods.
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Natures Menu raw pet food won two awards from UK retailer

Natures Menu launched True Instinct earlier this year and markets the pet food as grain- and gluten-free, natural, and raw or raw-inspired.
Natures Menu, Europe's largest raw petfood producer, offers raw meals plus lightly steamed wet food in cans and pouches for dogs and cats.
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Steve’s Real Food recalls raw frozen dog, cat foods

No pet or human illnesses from this product have been reported to date.
Steve’s Real Food of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA voluntarily recalled one lot of five-pound Turducken Recipe dog food, one lot of two-pound Quest Emu Diet cat food and one lot of two-pound Quest Beef Diet cat food.
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Cats and dogs respond differently to similar raw pet food

The differences in cats and dogs digestive systems was exemplified in the way that their systems responded to similar raw, high-protein diets.
Pet food formulators should remember that cats are not small dogs, said David Thomas of Massey University, during his presentation at Petfood Forum 2018.
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