Raw Cat and Dog Food

Red Dog Blue Kat adds dog-specific probiotics to products

Red Dog Blue Kat is the first pet food producer in Canada to add a species-relevant probiotic to its pet food products.
People have been experiencing the health benefits of probiotics for some time, and now Red Dog Blue Kat, Western Canada's leader in the production of raw food for pets, has added this key ingredient to their meal lines.
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Dogs likely evolved to eat cooked meat and carbohydrates

Dog foods marketed as replicating wolves’ raw meat diets may actually satisfy human fantasies more than dogs’ dietary needs, said one scientist.
During their evolution, dogs took advantage of a rich new food source, human garbage, including cooked meat and plant matter, said one scientist.
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OC Raw Dog recalls raw pet food for Listeria

To date there have been no reported illnesses of dogs, cats or persons in any connection with this product.
The raw pet food products were manufactured on October 11, 2017 with a lot number 3652 and a use-by date of October 11, 2018.
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Vital Essentials toppers and raw dog food recalled

The products may have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.
Carnivore Meat Company of Green Bay, WI, is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of “Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Toppers” and “Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Chub Entrée for Dogs” raw dog food.
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