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Egg not such a simple ingredient for pet food

Additional studies needed to determine egg’s effect on dog and cat nutrition
There is nothing simpler and better understood than the egg. Right? Well, egg (product) may be a common ingredient in dog and cat foods, but it’s far from “simple” and frankly may not be all that well understood.
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Barley: a small grain that deserves consideration

Ingredient is a natural choice for specialized obesity and diabetic pet diets
When one contemplates the use of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), thoughts typically turn to beer making or livestock feed; not pet food. However, this grain may have a number of beneficial places in pet food diets and shouldn’t be summarily dismissed.
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Slow adoption of fructooligosaccharide in pet foods

Much technical information and benefits are available
There has been a great deal of detailed research published regarding the fructan sugar fructooligosaccharide (FOS) in the past couple of years. FOS acts like a fiber and has beneficial effects on gut health. A special term “prebiotic” has even been coined to describe the beneficial relationship these sugars have in supplying nutrients to gut bacteria.
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Mystique around lamb meal

For such a popular ingredient, why isn’t there more nutritional information available?
Lamb meal, as in “lamb meal and rice formulas,” is a distinct and specific ingredient with its own “nutritional mystique” – at least according to consumers.
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Why aren’t pet food manufacturers on the soy bandwagon?

No mainstream pet food products promote soy as a benefit for dog or cat health
Soy has become very popular in today’s human diet and health press. Newspaper and magazine articles tout the benefits of soy, and promotions for soy-enriched products seem to be everywhere, especially with the current popularity of low-carb diets.
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