Articles by Greg Aldrich, PhD

Buckwheat: a viable grain-free pet food ingredient?

Data on its nutritional health for pets is scarce, but buckwheat may be worth the research to determine its viability as a novel pet food ingredient.
In this era of grain-free, novel and exotic ingredient-containing foods, is there a nutritional or processing reason that buckwheat remains relatively obscure to the pet food market?
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Protein quality: Real nutrition versus public perception

Responsible petfood companies may benefit from more protein quality explorations
Many petfoods today are promoted for the ingredients they do or do not contain rather than their nutritional performance, disingenuously playing off of the consumers’ perception about the ingredients rather than their real nutritional value.
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DL-methionine in short supply – what are the options?

It’s likely that only short-term options are needed for the moment, but consideration should be given to longer-term solutions for potential future challenges.
While the current DL-methionine shortage is a temporary matter that will resolve itself early in 2015, the potential exists for a recurrence in the future.
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Could pumpkin ever be more than a petfood novelty?

Fiber potential and other nutritional possibilities make this gourd a promising alternative petfood ingredient.
Could pumpkin be more? Today, legume seeds and tubers are being used in profusion with grain-free diets, so alternative ingredients are very much in vogue. Which begs the question: might gourds like pumpkin be an ingredient option in petfoods, and does it make good sense for a pet’s diet?
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Is resistant starch a future fiber in petfoods?

Possibilities for specialized diets, results of current studies warrant a closer look
There is enough evidence in the human and animal nutrition research literature to suggest that resistant starch may have a wide array of health benefits. So, is resistant starch a “future fiber” for the next generation of petfoods?
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