Articles by George Collings, Ph.D.


Bringing a new petfood concept to market

Innovative companies take an idea and add to it, managing the inevitable balancing act among competing interests, requirements and realities
Where do new product ideas come from in the petfood industry? Do they only come from marketing or sales? In my experience, some of the fastest growing new products or brands have come from single entrepreneurs as well as large multifunctional groups.
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Dominoes falling in petfood ingredient market

Smart producers who understand contributing factors and take a proactive approach will likely be the ones left standing
Each of these is a domino in the petfood ingredient market. The days of US$2 bushel corn seem a faint memory for those of us who have been in the petfood business for many years. Today, corn prices are over US$7 per bushel, with some experts projecting a rise as high as 35% over the next year.
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