Articles by David Sprinkle

Upside potential for canine oral care products

Education via veterinarians and a focus on pet health needs may be keys to increasing the market.
Oral care products for pets are nothing new. Nonetheless, the continuing premiumization of the pet market, which includes a heightened focus on pet wellness and on human-style products for pets, has had a marked impact on availability and characteristics of products designed to address pet dental hygiene and oral health.
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Pet parents, pet health and pet food

More pet owners than ever are making high-quality pet food diets part of their overall pet health plans.
Pet parents are not only increasingly demanding about the health and wellness benefits of the foods they feed their pets, but increasingly convinced about the effectiveness of pet food as preventive health care.
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US cat ownership trends

Marketing toward people who own or may own cats—especially women—should be a focus for the industry.
According to the Spring 2015 Simmons National Consumer Study from Experian Marketing Services, 52% of US households (or 61.8 million) have dogs or cats, with 39% (or 47.1 million) keeping dogs and 25% (or 30.2 million) keeping cats.
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hispanic woman

Pet food market opportunities in the US Hispanic population

Latinos will account for more than half of US population growth through 2020, making them a significant market opportunity for US pet food manufacturers.
As US-born Latinos increase their numerical lead in the community in the wake of decreased immigration from south of the border (due to the US economic recession, among other factors), pet ownership rates are increasing among the Latino population.
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Pet treats to face challenges in 2015

After a downturn in pet treat purchasing in 2014, marketers must step up their game to keep pace with an evolving landscape.
Purchasing rates for pet treats have fluctuated over the past several years, and have tended to take one step forward but then one step back.
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