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Dr. Melissa Brookshire, North River Enterprises

The value of customer service in the pet food industry

An expert on customer support services for the pet food industry said good service can provide defense against negative press and potential litigation. Good customer service can also build loyalty and differentiate a brand in a crowded market place.
In an age where people consider their pets to be on near-equal footing as human relatives, pet food companies must be especially careful when dealing with disgruntled customers.
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Pet food growth slowed by states’ lack of collaboration

Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey said smaller groups would work better than larger ones to address regulatory issues facing the pet food industry.
States working together to solve agricultural issues related to the pet food industry should consider forming smaller, more focused groups, according to the Kansas secretary of agriculture.
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Pet food M&A activity may slow

An expert on the pet food market says a string of strong years in pet food mergers and acquisitions will likely be followed by a quiet spell.
Merger and acquisitions in the pet food industry will likely slow in the coming years, according to an industry analyst.
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Dr. Ryan Yamka, senior vice president of research and development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs at Blue Buffalo, speaks with Petfood Forum TV at Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Missouri.

Blue Buffalo exec shares 6 tips for product development

Dr. Ryan Yamka walked pet food professionals through the complex process of taking a new pet food product from concept to shelf in a session at Petfood Forum.
In a highly competitive and regulated marketplace bringing a new product to market is no easy feat. The road from concept to completion is long, complex and full of speed bumps.
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Field of beet greens

Pet food’s future may depend on new, old proteins

To meet demand for sustainable pet food, the industry may have to turn to unconventional sources for protein.
To meet consumer demand and the environmental reality, the pet food industry must consider looking for proteins from rendering, vegetables and grains and unconventional animals.
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