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Latin American pet food market growth rate beats Europe

Latin America grew at six percent CAGR and reached higher actual sales gains than Western Europe
Between 2011 and 2016, Latin America’s pet care industry outperformed the larger Western European market in compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), noted a pet food industry analyst.
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Top questions to ask novel pet food ingredient suppliers

A Petfood Forum 2017 speaker advised pet food companies to ask the right questions to ensure their final products are safe, nutritious and palatable.
Before committing to use a novel pet food ingredient, a scientist recommended that pet food professionals ask these questions of potential suppliers.
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US millennials are replacing babies with cats, dogs

At Petfood Forum 2017, an industry analyst said that thinking of pets as children creates opportunities to produce premium pet foods.
More that 35 percent of millennials in the US now own pets, up from approximately 20 percent in 2007, and that figure seems likely to continue rising.
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Kitten smelling pet food

Pet food sensory analysis provides competitive advantages

Live from Petfood Innovation Workshop, Kadri Koppel discusses how smell, texture, taste and other sensations can explain why certain pet food products succeed.
At Petfood Innovation Workshop 2017, attendees learned how sensory analysis can help pet food companies understand their products.
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