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Pet food labels: human-grade claim legal guidelines

Specific laws and regulatory definitions define the use of human-grade claims, and failure to meet these standards can lead to problems.
Labeling pet food as human-grade may appeal to pet owners who want to feed their cats and dogs as they feed themselves.
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Blue Buffalo growth driven by e-commerce pet food sales

These online sales helped Blue Buffalo increase sell-through to pet owners by seven percent year-over-year for Q2, despite ongoing challenges at brick-and-mortar pet food specialty retailers.
E-commerce pet food sales drove Blue Buffalo’s growth in the second quarter of 2017, CEO Billy Bishop said during their earning call on August 8.
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Pet food labels: 3 new product trends at SuperZoo

This article is part of a Petfood Industry series that explores labeling issues.
In the new product showcase of SuperZoo, the claims made on the labels of many new dog and cat foods followed three trends focused on ethical concerns and pet health.
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