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3 AAFCO rulings on dental pet treats, carbs and tigers

AAFCO’s decisions related to dental claims on pet foods, treats and chews, claims about carbohydrates and ruled out tigers and wolves as pets.
Three decisions affecting the pet food industry were made at the 2017 Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) annual meeting.
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Online customizable dog food diet sales growing

Pet food companies are eliminating trips to the store and helping fight pet obesity with home-delivered, customized dog food.
Both large, veteran pet food companies and growing start-ups have found ways to meet pet owners demands for custom dog food.
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Imported organic pet food ingredients may fail US rules

USDA auditors found that imported organic farm products, including organic pet food ingredients, may fail to meet US standards for organic agriculture.
The auditors stated that the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s National Organic Program needed to improve its procedures.
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