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586 dogs’ nutrition needs analyzed by scientists

Certain breeds eat more energy, but lifestyle should guide pet food choices.
Particular dog breeds ate more calories to maintain their body weights than others in a recent study of 586 dogs’ daily metabolizable energy intake. Pet food manufacturers can use this research to guide their formulation of lifestyle- and breed-specific dog foods.
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Pet food, treat pros interactive workshops announced

Pet treat and food workshops have similar names, different content
On August 8, the IGP Institute at Kansas State University will conduct the Pet Food Workshop. A month later, the Petfood Innovation Workshop and K-State Pet Food Experience will take place September 13 to 15.
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Beans a safe ingredient in weight-loss dog food

Beans can provide protein and fiber to overweight and obese dogs.
Beans can serve as a safe and digestible functional ingredient in weight-loss formulas for overweight dogs, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition.
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Purina smashed own pets-at-work record

Nestlé Purina employees brought 310 pets with them to work on June 24.
June 24 marked the eighteenth annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. To celebrate, Nestlé Purina employees brought 310 pets with them to work, beating the previous record they set in 2015 with 281.
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