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7 pet food companies that give back to people, pets

Pet food companies’ charity can boost their public images and fulfill ethical goals.
These seven companies’ charitable actions include promoting pet adoptions, honoring service dogs, donating dog and cat food to shelters, and helping to connect people with service animals.
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How vets, pet food industry can fight pet obesity

A decade of research reveals that dogs and cats increasingly are obese, beyond overweight.
The founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention recommends that pet food companies educate veterinarians on weight-control therapeutic pet food.
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Novel pet food ingredient proteins digestibility varies

Scientists analyzed and compared eight traditional and novel pet food ingredients.
Researchers tested how much energy and nutrition cats and dogs actually get when the animals digest certain pet food ingredients: calamari, pork peptone, alligator, venison, lamb, chicken and duck.
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#tbt Pet obesity epidemic continues causing debate

Owners, vets and pet food manufacturers have been blamed for dog and cat obesity rates.
For nine years, a survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has recorded pet obesity rates and owners’ attitudes about dog and cat obesity.
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