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Dachshund recycle bin sustainability

Clashing trends create pet food sustainability dichotomies

The economic viability of the pet food industry may depend on how well businesses can adapt to use only the resources they need, while minding what others need now and in perpetuity.

For the pet food industry, competing trends create contradictions that challenge the development of sustainable business models from ingredient sourcing and manufacturing to marketing, packaging and distribution.

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Internet beats TV for new pet food awareness 2018-2020

Pet owners used to browse brick-and-mortar stores more frequently before the pandemic, so it follows that people now tend to find new products in stores less frequently.

Two previously dominant sources for pet owners’ discovery of new products declined dramatically during the pandemic.

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Nestlé Blayney factory.jpg

Purina unveils Australian cat food factory expansion

The new facilities will use local ingredients to produce cat food. More than 85% of raw materials used at the Nestlé Blayney factory will be sourced locally, including meats and grains.

The expansion may position Nestlé Purina as a key regional supplier, with both wet and dry pet food exported from Blayney to New Zealand, Thailand and Japan.

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Whitebridge Pet Brands merges with Agras Pet Foods

Whitebridge Pet Brands will continue to operate from both offices in America and Italy.

Whitebridge Pet Brands, United States-based maker of Tiki Pets cat and dog food, complements, toppers and treats, and Agras Pet Foods, an Italy-based pet nutrition company and maker of Schesir brand pet food and complements for cats and dogs, have announced the completion of their pet food industry merger.

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Millennial pet ownership generation gap grew 2018-2020

Millennials have grown particularly in cat ownership. Millennials also increased significantly in bird ownership.

Many of those pet owners may be new to caring for animals, according to insights she shared from APPA’s surveys and reports. Of those in the survey who didn’t own pets currently, 18% had owned a pet in the past, while 12% were classified as non-pet-owners.

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Avocado toxic to dogs? Science explores pet food potential

Avocados trees are a common feature in backyards throughout Latin America. Many pet dogs don’t hesitate to eat a dropped fruit, but the dogs don’t drop dead.

Discover how researchers added to the evidence that avocado has potential as a dog food ingredient, contrary to veterinary and popular recommendations against the fruit.

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European pet food industry responds to Russia-Ukraine War

“Pet food companies will be actively looking for alternative suppliers of raw materials that are no longer available such as sunflower seeds,” a European Pet Food Federation representative said. “They may also be looking to substitute these with alternative ingredients.”

Repercussions for the global pet food industry may grow as the Russia-Ukraine War throws the continent into chaos.

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