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27 pet food industry mergers and acquisitions in 2020

Although the future remains difficult to forecast, these 27 mergers and acquisitions occurred in the pet food industry this year.
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the character of mergers and acquisitions in the pet food industry as buyers may have looked for brands plugged into the new normal of e-commerce, remote work and social distancing.
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Dachshund recycle bin sustainability

Sustainability conflicts with premium pet food packaging

While renewable materials, like fish gelatin, give pet food packaging fairly good oxygen transmission rates (OTR), they degrade very quickly.
On the one hand, pet owners want packaging with low environmental impact. However, those same pet food and treat purchasers also look for artful, resealable packaging that keeps contents fresh for long periods.
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J.M. Smucker selling Natural Balance brand to investors

Smucker will discuss the transaction's impact on its fiscal year 2021 outlook when it releases its third quarter results in February 2021.
The J.M. Smucker Co. announced Friday it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Natural Balance premium pet food business to Nexus Capital Management LP, in a cash transaction valued at approximately US$50 million.
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Orange cat in animal shelter cage

Shelter pet adoption numbers down in 2020, but high rate

While the pandemic caused unprecedented suffering worldwide in 2020, the disruptions to dogs, cats and other pets adoption numbers may normalize in 2021.
The latest data from animal shelter data management agency PetPoint suggests October pet adoption numbers remained lower year-over-year.
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brown dog nose close muzzle extreme

Pet food pods could reduce single-serve packaging waste

Superpremium, single-serve packaging may trade sustainability for convenience. Encapsulated pet food in a dissolvable pod could replace single-serve packages and reduce waste.
Brightly printed, sturdy pet food packages may ensure freshness on par with human foods, but multiple layers of material often mean superpremium packaging must make a trade-off with sustainability.
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treat extrusion bone biscuit machine

Extrude, dry and coat pet foods for artisanal appearance

Tweaking the extrusion, drying and coating of pet foods offers options for brands to mass produce a product resembling one crafted in a home kitchen.
Pet food producers can adjust aspects of the production process, including extrusion, drying and coating, to fine-tune the look of finished kibble and treats.
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