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European pet food industry responds to Russia-Ukraine War

“Pet food companies will be actively looking for alternative suppliers of raw materials that are no longer available such as sunflower seeds,” a European Pet Food Federation representative said. “They may also be looking to substitute these with alternative ingredients.”

Repercussions for the global pet food industry may grow as the Russia-Ukraine War throws the continent into chaos.

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Fresh pet sales trends rising; Grain-free searches down

Along with the types of pet foods people buy, the places they buy the products have been changing too.

With so many new pet owners joining the market and driving sales of pet food and pet supplies forward, there seems to be opportunity everywhere, one industry executive said.

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New bio-appropriate bird, small pet foods mimic wild mix

Along with biologically appropriate products, many exotic bird and small mammal foods followed similar premiumization trends to the wider pet industry.

For exotic birds, domestication hasn’t been underway for nearly as long as for dogs, cats or even guinea pigs, so Polly wants a biologically appropriate food that’s pretty much the same as what a macaw in the Amazon would enjoy.

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Functional claims near ubiquity in new pet foods, treats

At Global Pet Expo, many new dog, cat and other pet products contained functional ingredients meant to provide more than just basic nutrition.

Marketing claims made with these functional ingredients included joint health, skin and fur support, stress relief and immunity-boosting. Along with pet foods, functional ingredients appeared in supplements, toppers and treats. 

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Feds stop Bravo Packing raw dog food in FSMA first

The federal action marks the first consent decree of permanent injunction against an animal food manufacturer for violating public safety standards under Part 507 (Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) requirements) of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Preventive Controls for Animal Food Regulation.

Bravo Packing, Inc. agreed to stop selling, manufacturing and distributing raw pet food and come into compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act).

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Gas, commodity prices, inflation affect pet owner shopping

An ongoing war, pandemic and supply chain disruptions may continue affecting the pet food industry, as the ‘20s continue to be a tumultuous decade.

On the heels of the lingering pandemic, which dramatically increased pet owners' use of e-commerce, high gasoline prices have added another factor encouraging pet owners to shop from home and reduce trips to the store. Likewise, inflation may influence pet food and treat purchases, along with rising commodity prices.

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