Articles by David A. Dzanis, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN.

Global Pet Expo highlights

A highlight of the expo is the New Products Showcase
Although I haven't mentioned it through this venue before, many readers are aware that the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) has recently retained me as its pet nutrition consultant. One of my duties in that role is to attend the Global Pet Expo, an annual event put on in conjunction with the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA).
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Petfood 101

Making sense of AAFCO's rules and regulations
Few people are inclined to describe the Association of American Feed Control Officials' (AAFCO) Model Regulations for Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food (more succinctly, Model Pet Food Regulations; or MPFR) as particularly "reader-friendly." Efforts to foster greater understanding and more uniform interpretation of the MPFR have been made over the years. An expansive "rewrite" of the regulations to regain a more logically flowing structure and more understandable wording to the document was promulgated in 2000. 
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The new NRC is here!

I can now say with utmost confidence that the final NRC report is now available to the public
I admit, I may have been a tad premature in my announcement of the imminent publication of the National Research Council (NRC) Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats based on the release of its preliminary report (Dzanis, D.A., 2003). Regardless, I can now say with utmost confidence that the final NRC report is now available to the public.
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Petfood in South Africa

I was able to take away information on the state of the petfood industry in that country
My career in and around the petfood industry has afforded me the opportunity to do a lot of travel to places I normally would never get to visit. Because of the nature of my work, the majority of these outings are domestic, though occasionally I am able to attend international functions as well.
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The MUMS Act

Is there a lesson for petfood in the Minor Use, Minor Species animal drug regulation?
Those who follow the animal drug industry are familiar with the developments with MUMS (Minor Use, Minor Species) regulation. Clearly, the law is not intended to apply to dog and cat food products. However, there may be aspects of the MUMS Act that, with a little regulatory creativity, can be put to use to address a pressing petfood issue: namely, the use of novel ingredients.
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