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Keep a lid on it

Packaging testing technology that will protect your products
There is an increased awareness about the importance of package integrity across many industries, and with the scrutiny heightening on ours, the pressure is on to invest in better quality inspection technologies that can be applied for both off-line testing and in-line automated inspection. Companies that keep using destructive test methods that were developed and approved for use decades ago should re-evaluate their process and investigate technologies that provide valuable data that will improve manufacturing processes, helping reduce overall costs.
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A functional petfood future

Exploring the imminent roles prebiotics and probiotics will play in the market
Consumer awareness of probiotics in human foods is currently high, with active culture dairy products the fastest growing food segment in the US. According to Simmons Market Research Bureau, nearly half of the dog- or cat-owning households in the US seek out natural or eco-friendly products for a total population of 25.1 million pet-owning households. As the natural, holistic and organic segments of petfood gain momentum, probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics are becoming buzz words in our industry. But just how will they make petfood products function better?
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Table chart of dog and cat food sales worldwide

Top 10 global petfood leaders

These influential industry giants know just where to sit and stay - at the top
After a tumultuous and media-scrutinized year, our industry has seen plenty of changes. Some things, however, remain relatively consistent, like the 10 companies that lead the petfood industry in global sales.
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Innovations in extrusion

Extrusion advances that will upgrade production and reduce downtime
Focusing on processing developments is often the key to a successful investment that leads to a good return and a higher standard of quality in the end product. New extrusion products and processing technologies are the fastest ways to reach these goals.
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