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Great brands, great future

Del Monte focuses on powerful trends
Del Monte Foods is one of the largest and most well-known producers, distributors and marketers of premium branded and private label food and pet products for the US retail market. Del Monte is, as a company, focused on two very powerful business trends. The first is "Health and Wellness" on the human side. The second is "Pet as Family Member."
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Organic & natural predictions

Industry segments look at the future of this hot category
The hottest trends in petfood these days are "natural" and "organic." As pet owners are trying to eat healthier, their interest in these types of products for their pets continues to grow. In fact, sales of natural and organic petfoods are expected to outpace those in the overall petfood market soon.
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Top treat trends

Trends in pet treats at Petfood Focus 2007
Hot keeps getting hotter. With the global treat market worth an estimated US$4 billion, Petfood Industry chose treats as the subject of its most recent Petfood Focus event, held April 18-19, 2007, following Petfood Forum 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Over 275 attendees were present. Three of the topics from this event are summarized here.
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