Articles by Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

Extrusion short course highlights strengths of global petfood market

If you are new to the petfood industry -- or work in another function besides dry petfood production and need to learn much more on that subject -- one of the best ways by attending the annual Feeds and Petfood Extrusion Short Course at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, USA. The course, just concluding its 22nd edition, offers a nearly week-long immersion into grinding, mixing, extruding, drying, cooling and coating dry petfoods and feeds, combining classroom sessions by industry experts with live demonstrations on machines designed to do all those petfood production steps.
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Ideas to ramp up your cause marketing this year

Cause marketing -- promoting a brand, product or company through donations or other giving to charitable causes -- is growing worldwide. In the US alone, spending on causes reached US$1.68 billion in 2011, according to IEG, a branding and sponsorship support firm (and reported by Matt Carmichael on
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FDA's new food safety alliance: help for the 'little guys'?

To help US food, feed and petfood producers be prepared to meet new regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act and prevent foodborne illnesses, the US Food and Drug Administration has announced a new Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. Forged from a partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute for Food Safety and Health, the alliance's mission is to develop training courses and materials aimed at preventing contamination of human and animal food during production, FDA says.
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Global petfood sales grow 4% in 2011

Petfood sales continue to grow at a modest pace, accompanied by anemic volume growth. Data available as of the beginning of December show global petfood sales have increased 4% this year, according to the folks at Euromonitor International, who generously provided year-to-date figures along with comparisons to 2010.
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Are consumers willing to pay for petfood proven safe?

A study—and the reason for conducting it—might have implications for FSMA and its associated costs
January 4 marks the first birthday of the Food Safety Modernization Act (see pp. xx). I imagine most manufacturers that produce, market or import petfood to the US aren’t celebrating the milestone, because the new law means new regulations to comply with, along with the added costs of doing so (including myriad new fees from the Food and Drug Administration).
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Petfood safety: update on FSMA

Get ready: the Food Safety Modernization Act means new regulations and greater FDA focus on petfood
The US Food Safety Modernization Act has reached its first birthday, after passage in January 2011. Some provisions took effect immediately but to date have had minimal impact on most petfood manufacturers.
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