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At Walmart, petfood safety equals behavior

Frank Yiannas, VP of food safety for the retailer, explains why ensuring petfood safety means creating the right culture
Food safety is no small enterprise. As Frank Yiannas, VP of food safety for Walmart, describes, thousands of professionals around the world have been trained, millions are spent on research, countless inspections are done at home and abroad—and yet, food safety remains a significant global health challenge.
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Something to Chew On

Disconnect between veterinary care and nutrition

What does it mean for our industry when vets are pet owners’ most important source of nutrition information?
During the American Veterinary Medical Association’s annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in July, several sessions and press conferences focused on one significant issue: an overall 17% decrease in veterinary visits for US pets over the past two years. This sobering figure comes from the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, a collaboration among Bayer Healthcare, Brakke Consulting and the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues.
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Petfood information at your fingertips

From the Petfood Industry App to countless other online sources, you can find a wealth of relevant (and sometimes bewildering) data
If you are one of the 940 million people worldwide with a mobile broadband subscription (according to the International Telecommunication Union as reported on, you have access to all sorts of information and data about petfood via the smart phone or mobile device in your pocket, purse or briefcase. For example, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the free Petfood Industry App to read each new monthly issue and get updated news and information about new products.
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BYNSA leads private label petfood in Spain

A unique marriage between Biología y Nutrición SAU and its retail partner has captured 39% of Spain’s petfood market
 Biología y Nutrición SAU's position as the sole petfood supplier and category manager for Mercadona, a supermarket chain with 1,325 stores and a 39% petfood market share in Spain, makes its need for a central location critical. Fortunately, the company has found that just outside Zaragoza, in a converted feed factory in El Burgo de Ebro.
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Something to Chew On

Grain market: here we go again

Increased demand, tight supply and continually rising prices for commodities bring up bad memories from 2008
Nearly every petfood producer I have talked with this year, including in Europe, has expressed concern about the continually escalating cost of ingredients, especially commodities. As of this writing, corn futures for this month (July 2011) were trading on the Chicago Board of Trade at US$7.59 a bushel, according to
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Something to Chew On: New keys to growth?

For continued growth, our industry may want to help increase pet ownership and continue focusing on health
Though the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey shows an all-time high for pet ownership in the US—72.9 million in 2010, a 2.1% rise since the last survey in 2009-2010—only dogs and cats have enjoyed increases and those are small: 1.5% and 1.8%, respectively. Nearly all other US pets, including birds, small animals, reptiles, horses and freshwater fish, have declined.
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Something to Chew On: Fighting pet obesity

Information such as calorie contents and feeding directions using common measurements could be an important weapon
The fourth annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention ( shows more than 50% of US dogs and cats are now overweight or obese. Specifically, the survey highlights these preliminary data.
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Nestlé Purina: building on a tradition of trust

Already an icon, this petfood leader continues to improve, innovate and grow
When a company has been making petfood for 90 years and has an iconic name and unprecedented trust in the marketplace, you might think it has no new heights to scale. Yet Nestlé Purina PetCare is not content to rest on history or reputation. In November 2010, the company reached a new milestone by earning the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
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