Debunking Pet Food Myths and Misconceptions

Lindsay Beaton

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Where does the idea of a circular economy fit in the pet food space?

In Episode 27 of the Trending: Pet Food podcast, Dr. Greg Aldrich, associate professor and director of the Pet Food Program at Kansas State University, discusses the idea of a circular economy and where it fits into the future of the pet food landscape.

Learn about a circular economy, what it is and how it fits into the current sustainability discussions happening in the pet food industry.

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What are the pet consumer forces behind the ‘MeCommerce’ Era?

In Episode 26 of the Trending: Pet Food podcast, Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce, discusses the "MeCommerce" Era and how to navigate marketing and advertising to pet owners alongside their current needs and shopping patterns.

Learn about what the “MeCommerce” Era means and how pet food customers should be marketed and advertised to in this new consumer landscape.

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