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Tim Wall, senior reporter for Petfood Industry, explores interactions among culture, media, science and pet food. Wall presents his opinions on how animal behaviors, both human and pet, influence global dog, cat and other pet food markets.

VR tours of pet food facility may provide transparency

Pet owners increasingly want transparency, to know how their pets’ food was made and what exactly went into it and why.
The pet food industry chose the red pill this year. While giants like Purina can create full-on VR experiences, even small pet food start-ups can use free panoramic camera apps to make immersive pet food facility tours.
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Cute brand ambassador pets never get drunk, Tweet slurs

Even Nazis thought baby animals were cute, but the fascists weren’t happy about it. Now, as dogs, cats and hedgehogs themselves become social media influencers the power of cuteness may grow.
The role of both social media and pets intertwines as animals’ own online presences increasingly influence consumers’ views of dog, cat and other pet food brands. In some cases, animals make better brand ambassadors because they are less likely to behave like beasts than people. Plus, cuteness is power in the persuasion game.
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WHO simulated pet cats spreading new disease among humans

If people were afraid that their fur baby could infect their flesh baby or themselves with a deadly novel disease, would the pet humanization trend continue?
What if a disease erupted that could spread from pets to people and vice versa? The World Health Organization prepared for just that scenario.
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4 enduring elements of pet food industry success

Pet food companies may benefit from four strategic guidelines to endure the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the pandemic’s effects will continue through the year, certain aspects of consumer demand trends may be amplified by the sudden need to stay at home.
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I, Zoodroid: Could ultra-cute AI pets replace dogs, cats?

Computer scientists put artificial intelligence programs to work solving complex algorithms needed to mimic human intelligence. That made me wonder, could an AI learn to be a cat?
A Furby-1000 robotic pet terminating the pet food industry seems absurd, but many odd, unexpected technologies ended up changing the world.
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Dog, cat adoptions boom during COVID-19 pandemic

More pets means more demand for pet food, and right now, that may mean home delivered dog and cat food, boosting the already growing pet food e-commerce channel.
This boost in pet populations may influence the fortunes of the pet food industry in the economic upheaval created by the disease.
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