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Tim Wall, senior reporter for Petfood Industry, explores interactions among culture, media, science and pet food. Wall presents his opinions on how animal behaviors, both human and pet, influence global dog, cat and other pet food markets.

Useful swag optimizes marketing in pet food event booths

Crummy stuff not only annoys people, it’s a waste of resources and source of pollution, particularly plastic do-dads that end up swirling in the sea or choking albatross, sea turtles and other marine life.
Nearly everyone I’ve met while covering the business-to-business pet beat has owned a dog, cat or other pet, which means they might actually use hand-outs from booths.
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Cat with a microphone

Avoid pet food media crises with preemptive press releases

In a breaking news situation, reporters need facts, background information, quotes and contact info for follow-up questions. Having a pre-approved press release can provide all of these quickly.
Preemptive press releases ensure that a pet food company can get their message out to journalists as quickly as possible.
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Jane Goodall’s dog teaches pet food industry humanization

Pet humanization, to put it in companion animal industry jargon, led to revolutionary techniques in wild chimpanzee research and conservation.
Jane Goodall’s childhood pet dog, Rusty, taught her that animals have minds and personalities. The pet food industry can facilitate empathy for wildlife.
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