The Tangled Web

Melody McKinnon explores the mindset of today's Web savvy pet parents to improve consumer relations and develop effective marketing strategies.

Easy tools to create viral petfood posters

Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a wealth of other social networks facilitate image sharing. Some of the most commonly shared images are digital posters, which are basically text added to a photo or other background. They may be quotes, captions, memes, deep thoughts, charity messages, advocacy, humorous, etc. Pets are one of the most popular poster themes, which means there are virtually endless possibilities for the petfood industry to use digi-posters for engagement and branding.
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Using the Internet to help offline petfood customers

The majority of shoppers now turn to the Internet for product information, and it's important to accommodate them as we build and promote our brand. However, it's vital to remember that they often take the information they find online and apply it to offline activities, including shopping.
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Engage petfood brand advocates online

There are few industries that need brand advocates more than the petfood industry. With so many poison pens waiting to pounce on brands for mistakes and shortcomings (real or perceived), companies need as much positive representation as they can get.
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Social web PR starts with senior management

An organization's reputation is largely derived from senior management. They personify the company as much as they represent it, especially during times of corporate crisis like the thorn in every petfood manufacturer's side: recalls.
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Reaching pet parents through pet bloggers

Bloggers can gain an impressive, loyal following on the social Web through excellent content, communication and trust built through fellowship. Their value to pet product brands is in their influence over consumer purchasing, often in a very specific niche. Bloggers can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your products, and a nod of approval from the right blog can seriously increase sales.
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ASPCA goes to blog source to nip nasty rumor

Even the most sincere gestures can be misinterpreted and irresponsibly reported online, as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found out after it released its new video in honor of Adopt a Cat Month. 'Hover Cat' taps into the cat viral video craze with a trendy message encouraging people to adopt the next viral video star. The movie stars Nightline anchor, Dan Harris, and his adopted feline.
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Pet parent pilgrimage to Pinterest

Any marketer who has been awake this year has heard about Pinterest and its amazingly rapid climb up the social media ladder. In fact, it climbed so quickly our website started receiving traffic from it before I had a Pinterest account of my own.
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Social network membership numbers for the top 14

Keeping our finger on the social media pulse can be an overwhelming, but necessary, task. Here The Realtime Report gathers social network member information for us from a variety of sources and presents a snapshot of user numbers for each network.
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