Freshpet Vital Fresh Cuts Chicken Recipe for Dogs


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P.O. Box 2157
Secaucus NJ 07096-2157
United States

Freshpet Inc. has released Freshpet Vital Fresh Cuts Chicken Recipe for Dogs. 

A growing number of consumers are making their own dog food, but it may not have the right balance of protein and nutrition for their dogs. Vital Fresh Cuts provides a medley of shredded chicken, antioxidant-rich cranberries and vegetables like sweet potatoes and green beans for a mixture of protein and nutrition. Freshpet Vital Fresh Cuts Chicken Recipe for Dogs is available at US pet specialty retailers and independent stores.

Freshpet is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey. Founded in 2006 by pet lovers and pet food industry professionals, Freshpet introduced fresh dog and cat food as an alternative to dry and canned food. Freshpet only uses meats, poultry and fish combined with fresh vegetables and fruits with no byproducts, fillers or pre-processed meats.

Freshpet brands include Freshpet Select and Dog Joy, Deli Fresh, Vital and Dognation, available at pet specialty stores.

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