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Sterling Systems & Controls Inc.
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Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers customized minor and major weighing systems to create a batch of material that requires accurately measured ingredients, which is critical to the batch integrity. These minor and major weighing systems (a.k.a. minor ingredient systems or minor ingredient batching systems; major ingredient batching systems) can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. As a part of the company's minor and major weighing systems, Sterling Systems & Controls offer supply bins, feeders, automatic bin refilling, work platforms, raw material bag handling equipment, dust collection, and batched material conveying equipment (pneumatic and mechanical).

Minor weighing systems are those which have typical weighment sizes over 50lbs (23kg) to around 100-150lbs (45-65kg). Major weighing systems have individual weighments greater than minor.  It also is not unusual to see a weighing system with micro, minor and major size weighments.  These systems may combine automatic and semi-automatic systems together into a hybrid system, combining multiple weighment sizes and both automatic and manual weighing and batching.

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