Gnubiotics Sciences GNU100 prebiotic for pet food recipes

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Phone: +41.79.906.92.27


Gnubiotics Sciences SA
StartLab / Biopôle, Bat SE-B
Route de la Corniche 5
Epalinges CH – 1066

The Gnubiotics Sciences GNU100 is a first in-class microbiome modulating prebiotic for animal nutrition to be integrated into new pet food recipes to rebalance pets’ microbiota naturally. GNU100 is a unique rich source of complex oligosaccharides, containing up to 30 different structures, including 10 sialylated glycans, that can potentially shape intestinal microbiota for gut protection.

GNU100 has a glycan profile similar to what is observed in cat and dog milk. Sialylated glycans such as those present in GNU100 may inhibit pathogen adhesion to epithelial cell walls.

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