Perna Pure Green Lipped Mussel Powder


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Contact: Christian Saad
Phone: 971.254.2124


Perna Pure
United States

PernaPure’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder, sourced from Green Lipped Mussels cultivated in the pristine waters of New Zealand, is recognized by veterinarians as a sustainable, human-grade treatment for a variety of inflammatory conditions. Supporting tissue repair in pets, potent, naturally occurring compounds within Green Lipped Mussel Powder include glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3 fatty acids, which all work in unison for a more holistic approach to promoting joint health. PernaPure’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder is made from 100% pure mussel meat that has been freeze-dried, processed, and fat stabilized to ensure a fresh and high quality product. PernaPure products are available in either encapsulated supplements or as a loose powder.

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