Eurofins label review service

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Phone: 1.512.280.8378
Fax: 1.512.280.7075


Eurofins Scientific Inc
6100 Thornton Ave Ste 220
Des Moines IA 50321
United States

Eurofins label review service evaluates pet food product labels for U.S. regulatory compliance. The service reviews the following components of a pet food product label:     Principle display panel statements, statement of identity, new quantity statements, information panel statements, ingredient list, claims and other considerations. A final written report will be delivered for each label submitted for compliancy review. Recommendations for achieving compliancy will be included in the final report for all non-compliant label components. Should your label need revisions, the label may be submitted back to Eurofins within 14-days for an additional review at no charge.

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