Nature Gnaws Natural Braided Dog Chews & Treats


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Contact: Adina Arhire
Phone: 1.561.632.7679


Nature Gnaws
2201 N Andrews Ave
Unit 101
Pompano Beach FL 33069
United States

Nature Gnaws 100% natural dog chews products include Braided Bully Twist, Braided Jerky and Braided Gnaws. 

The Braided Beef Jerky chews are single-ingredient beef gullet. This chewy treat comes in a 5-6” size for smaller to medium size dogs, and in a 11-12” size for medium to large pups. They serve as a training session reward and as an anxiety or stress-relieving distraction.  

The Braided Bully Twists, which come in varying sizes for different size chewers, are crafted together with 2 pieces of single-ingredient premium quality chewy beef jerky braided by one long lasting beef bully stick. These natural chews are handcrafted and oven baked.

The Braided Gnaws is a complete innovation and is a patent pending product. The chew is made of twisted tripe, beef jerky and beef bully stick, oven-baked together. These gnaws are great for a smaller, medium or large pup.


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