Clextral Preconditioner +

Contact Information

Contact: José Coelho
Title: President
Phone: 1.813.854.4434
Fax: 1.813.855.2269


Clextral Inc
14450 Carlson Cir
Tampa FL 33626
United States

Clextral Preconditioner + continuously ensures a homogeneous mix of raw materials with two horizontal intermeshing counter-rotating shafts, fitted with adjustable paddles designed to process the product flow in an optimal way. The key innovation of the Preconditioner + is to integrate an advanced filling control device (AFC) which interacts directly on the material inside the mixing chamber and enables the filling ratio to be adjusted. This AFC system uses a special designed screw inside the tank, and favorably modifies the flow by enabling a partial and controlled recycling of the material being processed, from the outlet to the entry point, thus intensifying the specific preconditioning functions.


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