Sweed scrap chopper model 450 DDX

Contact Information

Phone: 1.800.888.1352


Sweed Machinery Inc
653 2nd Ave
PO Box 228
Gold Hill OR 97525-0228
United States

The Sweed scrap chopper model 450 DDX replaces Sweed’s previous model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive unit. The Model 450 DDX drives both feed rolls on the chopper, allowing the unit to process scrap quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for chopping common manufacturing scrap such as large amounts plastic strapping (even if in a tangled state), high volumes of ¾” steel metal banding with clips and light gauge baling wire. The Model 450 DDX chopper features a 1 HP motor and added mass on the flywheel, which allows the scrap chopper additional cutting capacity.


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