Pipeline Pet Products LLC announces CEO

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Phone: 1.855.255.5587


Pipeline Pet Products LLC
1107 Fair Oaks Avenue - 816 S
Pasadena CA 91030
United States

Pipeline Pet Products LLC, a start-up company, announces\nthat Brad Hatt has accepted the position of CEO of Pipeline Pet Products.\nPipeline Pet Products serves as an umbrella company to service multiple brands\nacross all channels of trade. Pipeline's suite of brands will service the Pet\nSpecialty, Big Box, Mass and Grocery channels. There are six brands under the\nPipeline umbrella: Green Bark Gummies, Droolers, Fruit Nibblers, Organicfuls,\nHearty Bites and Holistic Essentials.", "Pipeline Pet Products aims to bridge a gap in the pet\nproducts space between premium healthy ingredients and affordable prices.\nPipeline Pet Products creates healthy and nutritional products. 

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