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Crazy Dog, a brand of Cardinal Pet Care, has introduced an all-new category of dog treats. Walkies Fit Bites truly break the mold as a new “active lifestyle” treat.

Aimed at keeping dogs fit and active (with ingredients that benefit heart health and movement), Walkies are uniquely – and appropriately – shaped like a foot. They not only offer benefits to support a healthy heart and joints, they also celebrate the importance of walking and the essential benefits dogs – and their owners – receive from it.

Why a treat that focuses on walking and fitness? For one, research shows that 73% of all dog parents walk their pets, and that this percentage is growing particularly fast in urban areas. With 40% of US dogs overweight, it’s no wonder that more owners are turning to walking to help trim Fido’s waist line. Yet until now there has never been a treat that supports this large category of dog walkers.

Secondly, recent research reveals just how essential daily walks are for dogs. Walking has been shown to have benefits not only on canine health, but also on reducing stress, promoting good behavior, and strengthening dogs’ bond with their human counterparts. Of course, there are many physical health benefits too, such as weight management, better digestion and strong immune systems.

Walkies Fit Bites are the first dog treats with ingredients that help keep dogs moving and fit. Taurine, an essential amino acid, is added to promote heart health. Chicken cartilage is added as a natural source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate, which support mobility by helping repair cartilage and tissue in joints. L-carnitine, a proven fat burner, is also included to help with canine weight control and to preserve lean muscle.

New Walkies Fit Bites are being introduced in 3 tempting flavors: Bacon, Beef and Chicken. The packaging comes in an appropriately friendly teal-blue color.

A charming, foot-shaped window on the front gives a clear view of the treats inside, which are also foot-shaped to celebrate the importance of staying active. Each variety includes a color-coded bar that corresponds to the type of treat – red for bacon, purple for beef and blue for chicken.

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