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General Mills (Blue Buffalo)
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United States
Following its 2015 IPO, Blue Buffalo now claims about 6% of the US pet food market, selling dog and cat food. The company’s sales remain overwhelmingly domestic, with only about 4% exported (in Canada and, to a lesser extent, Mexico and Japan). US manufacturing and distribution is conducted through a hybrid network of owned and contracted facilities. The company's Heartland facility in Joplin, Missouri, is expected to provide 35%-45% of Blue Buffalo's forecasted dry food production needs over the next several years. Internal manufacturing capabilities are being expanded under a previously announced US$200 million multi-year capital investment program. Lawsuits continue to play out related to 2014 revelations that Blue Buffalo falsely advertised products containing “chicken meal” or “turkey meal," allegedly due to deceit by a supplier. After settling one class action lawsuit that year for US$32 million, another was filed in Ontario, Canada, in February 2016. In November 2016, Blue Buffalo settled a suit with Nestlé Purina, also for US$32 million. Blue Buffalo also filed suit against its insurers in an attempt to recover litigation fees and settlement payouts.


2018 (April): General Mills acquires Blue Buffalo. 2018 (March): Lawsuit alleging lead contamination in Blue Buffalo's products is dismissed. 2016 (November): Blue Buffalo settles a lawsuit with Nestle Purina for US$32 million related to claims that Blue falsely advertised products containing “chicken meal” or “turkey meal.” 2016 (February): A class action lawsuit is filed in Ontario, Canada, against Blue related to claims that it falsely advertised products containing “chicken meal” or “turkey meal.” 2015 (December): Blue Buffalo settles a class action lawsuit for US$32 million related to claims that Blue falsely advertised products containing “chicken meal” or “turkey meal." 2015 (July): In its initial public offering, Blue Buffalo raises US$677 million for market cap of US$5.3 billion. Renaissance Capital deems it the fifth-largest IPO of the year to date. 2014 (September): The company begins manufacturing operations at its Heartland facility in Joplin, Missouri, USA, which is expected to meet most needs for dry food production for the next several years. 2014 (May): Purina sues Blue Buffalo for false advertising. 2012 (July): Blue Buffalo Pet Products is formed as a Delaware, USA, corporation, and a corporate reorganization exchanged the stock of Blue for the stock of BBPP. Additionally, BBPP established another Delaware corporation, Blue Pet Products, Inc., which then became the sole shareholder of Blue. 2006 (December): The company converts into a corporation under the name Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. 2002 (August): The Blue Buffalo Company, LLC, is founded.


Basics, Wilderness, Freedom, Life Protection Formula, Natural Veterinary Diet

Geographic markets served

North America, Asia Pacific

Key product categories

Dry Dog Food, Cat Treats Snacks, Wet Dog Food, Wet Cat Food, Dog Treats Snacks, Dry Cat Food

  • 2018
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2018 $1,300,000,000
    Production Plants 2018 1
    Total Facilities 2018 5
    Employees 2018 1800
  • 2017
    Name Value
    Annual Revenue 2017 $1,275,000,000
    Production Plants 2017 1
    Total Facilities 2017 5
    Employees 2017 1800
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