Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance for Animal Food training

Inn at Opryland
Nashville, TN
United States

AFIA is planning for the training to be held in person in accordance with state COVID-19 guidelines, should there be enough interest in the course. If there is sufficient member interest to hold the training, all public health guidelines related to the coronavirus set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be followed to ensure the safety of all attendees.
The PCQI training will cover the following topics:
•    An overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act requirements for animal food;
•    Current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements;
•    Animal food safety hazards;
•    Overview of the food safety plan;
•    Hazard analysis and preventive controls determination;
•    Preventive controls management components;
•    Process preventive controls;
•    Sanitation preventive controls;
•    Supply chain applied controls; and
•    Recall plans.