GlobalPETS Forum Europe 2022

1/19/22 to 1/21/22
Hotel Huis ter Duin
Amsterdam beach

Since the start of COVID, lots of emerging trends in buying behavior and consumer preferences have accelerated. Online channels became more popular, higher expectations for seamless shopping experiences, brand loyalty faded and concerns about sustainability and health gained more attention.

To cater to this ‘new consumer’ with its constantly evolving wishes and behavior, we need to ask ourselves:

How do we stand out in this new market place and become more attractive for this new consumer? Does our branding strategy need to evolve? How can we become even more consumer-centric with our product development? 

How do we make it easy and convenient for this new consumer to buy from us? What's the best way to integrate online and offline? Should we explore new direct-to-consumer strategies? How do we work with our channel partners to be more successful together? What's our private label approach?

How do we organize our supply chains to keep up? Do we source more locally?

Those are the questions we'll focus on during this year's GlobalPETS Forum.

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