10th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Utilitarian Conference

1/10/22 8:00 am to 1/11/22 6:00 pm [GMT-05:00] Eastern Time (US & Canada)
The motto of the Pathology Conference –10EPUCG2022: Where pathologists meet innovation & technology for a better outcome. An exciting and informative program at the Pathology Congress will allow the participants to reflect upon and celebrate our accomplishments, renew collaboration and extend their networking, and to investigate current and future research in a particular direction. Pathology Conference Program will encourage discussions and hope to inspire members from a wide array of themes to initiate networking and collaboration within and across disciplines for the advancement of the Pathology field. 10EPUCG2022 will be a great conference for sharing the latest insights of both academic and industrial research. The objective of this conference is to promote the highest standards of pathology in management. The Conference aims to equip young research talents with knowledge about recent developments, advance the effectiveness of pathology. https://pathology.universeconferences.com/

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