Mocon Inc. 2011 Free Webinar Series

3/8/11 6:30 pm to 12/9/11 6:30 pm EST
United States
Each webinar will be taught by a subject area expert with significant experience in the topic. Presenters typically speak for 30-40 minutes, supported by online graphics, charts, key information, photographs, etc. After the formal part of the presentation, participants are able to ask questions. The following webinars will begin at 10 a.m. CDT: Food Safety: Same Day Analysis/Results for Food Product Bacteria Screening on March 9; Using Sensory and Instrument Approaches for Off-Odor/Aroma Detection on April 13; Case Study: Food Product Shelf Life on May 11; Introduction to Modified Atmosphere Packaging I on June 8; Introduction to Modified Atmosphere Packaging II on July 13; Testing Solutions for Beverage Applications on Aug. 10; New Demands on Medical Device/Pharmaceutical Testing on Sept. 14; Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing for High Barrier Materials on Oct. 12; Shelf-life Studies: Basics on Nov. 9; and  Shelf-life Studies: Advanced on Dec. 10.