2018 Brakke Consulting Webinar

5/22/18 10:00 am CDT

Brakke Consulting, a US-based management consulting firm serving the global animal health and nutrition industries, will present a two-hour webinar on the turmoil impacting the global animal health industry on Tuesday, May 22 at 10 AM CDT.

The webinar is titled “Animal Health Industry: Revolution or Evolution?” and will address the major changes impacting the industry and put them into perspective.

Topics include:

  • Industry metrics and growth
  • Drivers of change
  • Performance of the leading companies
  • Transition in veterinary distribution
  • Veterinary practice metrics and consolidation
  • Innovation in diagnostics
  • Outlook for 2018, 2019 and beyond

Two of Brakke’s experts, Dr. Bob Jones and John Volk, will present the webinar. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in discussion and ask questions. In addition, each attendee will receive a complete copy of the presentation. Deadline for registering is May 18, 2018. Cost is US$395.