AZO, Inc.

Memphis, TN 38118

Company Overview
4445 Malone Road
Memphis, TN 38118
United States

AZO, Inc. provides automatic ingredient handling for manufacturers throughout the US and Canada. Our customers utilize AZO technology for mixer feeding, extruder feeding, super sack unloading, safety screening, bulk storage, pneumatic transfer, automatic batching/weighing, and minor/micro ingredient automation. For any raw material handling project (bulk/minor/micro), please ask how AZO can help! An investment now can impact your company for decades to come.

For 70 years now, AZO systems have minimized operating costs, maximized safety, and optimized efficiency. Our equipment is used in companies ranging from small, family-owned businesses to the world’s largest industrial and consumer products. AZO technology is preferred in many industries including food, beverage, chemical, plastic, confectionery, and pharmaceutical.

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Key Contacts
Kevin Pecha
Sales Manager AZO Food
Zach Turner
Sales Engineer FOOD