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4346 Clary Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64130-2386
United States

Shick Esteve is the premiere value in the field of ingredient automation. With over 60 years of experience, Shick Esteve is a world leader in process automation. We help producers automate processes that would otherwise be manual to improve production efficiency, provide quality control through increased ingredient accuracy, reduce labor costs and help provide a safer workplace environment.

For the pet food market, we automate the delivery of dry and liquid ingredients to the process. The post extrusion phase includes our negative air lift systems featuring Sanitary Extruder Hoods (SEH) from Frazer-Nash Manufacturing. The Sanitary Extruder Hood (SEH) is used in pet food production as part of a clean air conveying system. Transport your product to the drying process with our Continuous Dense Phase conveying technology which allows us to transfer finished goods through your downstream process with minimal breakage all the way to packaging.

Process Solutions for the Pet Food Market
? Dry/liquid ingredient unloading and storage
? Dry/liquid ingredient delivery to process
? Vacuum or pressure transfer systems
? Minor/micro ingredient automation
? Negative airlift systems
? Continuous dense phase conveying
? Milling systems
? Dry ingredient blending

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Key Contacts
Aaron Irvin
Director of Products Systems
Chris Wiley
Account Executive Pet Food
Jason Stricker
Director of Sales Marketing