Piab piLIFT SMART Industry 4.0 ready vacuum lifter

Company Overview

The piLIFT SMART from Piab is the first Industry 4.0 ready vacuum lifter. Smart data features based on internet connectivity enable Piab’s piLIFT SMART vacuum lifter to deliver on the promises of Industry 4.0. Sensing and monitoring movements and responding quickly to user intentions, the user-friendly vacuum lifter will lift and weigh loads simultaneously, collect and log data, making process statistics and analyses immediately accessible to the user through web platform log-in.

This product has been designed with ergonomics and natural movements in mind. From the shape of the handle (enabling right- and left-handed use), the hand guard and the possibility to grip from the side and to rotate objects, to the placement of variable speed controls and a minimized operating sound level, the design of piLIFT SMART has been guided by ergonomics and the wellbeing of users. 

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