Chromatic Technologies BlindSpotz HPP verification technology

Company Overview

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) presents its second generation of printable BlindSpotz HPP verification technology. At the individual unit level, the CTI enhancements can differentiate between packages processed at 70K psi, 80K psi and 87K psi. The technology also identifies short cycles such as packages at 87K psi for less than one minute.

A typical protein or juice product is processed through HPP at 87K psi for three minutes.  Failure to hit that target pressure results in substantial risk of harmful contamination.

BlindSpotz HPP verification technology prints a clear message/image and then a blue color appears when the proper target is reached. To make it easy to use in a production environment, a reference color is used for comparison. If the HPP verification ink is lighter than the reference color, the package is easily identified as “failed” in the HPP process. 


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