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View all four Petfood Forum 2018 for a range of up-to-date research and information on manufacturing and marketing pet food in today’s competitive landscape:

Effect of carbohydrates on health and glycemic index in dogs
Alexandra Rankovic, BScH, MSc candidate, at Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, provides the results of new research on the health effects of carbohydrates and the glycemic index in dogs. Often pet food label claims mimic trends seen in human foods, but scientific data may be lacking, especially with claims related to carbohydrates and the glycemic index in dogs. Rankovic’s research helps fill some of the gaps.

How high pressure processing supports clean label trends in raw pet foods
Mark A. Duffy, CEO of Universal Pure, and Aaron Grimm, COO of Nature’s Variety, provide insights into consumer trends and an overview of high pressure processing (HPP), a chemical-free, non-thermal pasteurization technology. As the clean label movement grows in influence in the marketplace, the trend has spilled into pet food retailers as well. Consumers are increasingly reading labels on pet food products and seeking top-shelf ingredients for their pets. Similarly, chemical-free preservation methods are growing in availability for pet food producers. HPP can play a role.

The evolution and future of the grain-free ingredients market
Isaac Matthews, director, pet food ingredients division, for Lansing Trade Group, explores the evolution of the market for grain-free pet food ingredients over the past decade, how trends have progressed and how demand, purchasing power, sustainability, protein content and nutritional profiles have affected formulations and ingredient selection criteria. He also shares his view on future trends, including expanded pea protein fractionation capacity and increased use of pulse and legume specialty crops. What is the next big ingredient? It may not be just one.

Beyond millennials: reaching the connected pet food consumer
Larine Urbina, vice president of communications, US & Canada, for Tetra Pak, discusses how marketers have been courting millennials for years, but a new group of connected consumers is flexing their online influence and changing the way brands reach buyers. These "super leaders" play a key role in today’s customer journey as it’s evolved from a relatively linear process to a complex jigsaw puzzle. Urbina looks at ways pet food brands can harness the power of super leaders to bring in new generations of pet parents and how brands can reach them with a comprehensive, consistent message – both online and on the retail shelf.

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