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Hill’s seeks cultured meat pet food ingredient from Bond

Comparing the environmental effects of rearing livestock to those of cultured meat presents a complex puzzle.

Learn about how, earlier this month, a maker of fermented protein designed for cats and dogs, Bond Pet Foods, announced a partnership with the world’s fourth largest pet food company by annual revenue, Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

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Silkworm may be novel, insect-based pet food ingredient

In Taiwan, an agricultural research station developed a means to use silkworm in cat food. Scientists in Thailand fed dogs a diet containing silkworm, house crickets or a control diet with poultry meal.

Scientists in Thailand and Taiwan have investigated silkworms as a novel pet food ingredient in dog and cat foods.

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LANI flour

What’s on the horizon for pet food ingredients

Health-conscious pet parents want their pets’ diet to mimic their own lifestyle and nutrition choices.
When you think of pet food ingredients what comes to mind? Probably beef or chicken, maybe “white fish” for cats? These have been staple ingredients for most pet foods brands in recent memory. However, health-conscious pet parents and the super-premium brands they support have become increasingly interested in unique, sustainable proteins, such as, tilapia, green beans, millet and more recently, insect meal.
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