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Insect protein demand in pet food may be 165k tons by 2030

As a pet food ingredient, insect meal can serve as an alternative protein source for dogs and cats with allergies or sensitivities.

The pet food market currently accounts for the largest share of demand for insect protein and is likely to remain one of the largest, one industry professional said.

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Sweet potato bred for natural pet food colorant

Developing natural colorants can take work. A pet food ingredient supplier needed to breed their own plants when they needed a particular color.

Pet food colorants may influence people more than dogs or cats, and as such colorants play a role in positioning a natural pet food product.

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Unleash the Power of Postbiotics in Pets

Prebiotics. Probiotics. Now. . . Postbiotics. How does one keep them all straight?
Pet parents care a great deal about high-quality ingredients in nutritional products for their animals. In the past, dogs and cats were considered to be companions, where now, pet parents consider their pets to be their best friends and part of the family. With 72% of dog owners believing high-quality food is essential for optimal pet health, it’s not surprising that pet parents continue to turn towards natural foods, recognizable ingredients, and supplements. As this trend and purchasing pattern continues, we see another ingredient category emerge – Postbiotics.
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